Hi! I’m Sara and I’m a writer/poet. 

I love to share my knowledge on being a mother, dog mom, recipes, and all things Cape Cod.

Feel free to check out my Instagram for my poetry. Thank you for reading!

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Masks Off

Just over a year ago, we were thinking things would never be the same again. So much can change in a year. So many lives lost, so many lives brought into this world. Are we really back to normal? Can we live everyday like 3.5 million people haven’t lost their lives to this virus? Today…

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a Spring time note

Stepping outside, I can smell the air changing. Winter is a distant memory. I can see the daffodils and crocus peeking through the soil. They are just waiting to fully bloom, to fully reach their potential. They thrive in this subtle warm weather. There’s a reason why they reach towards the sun. Light it hope.…

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Cape Cod Winter Fun

Some may say that living in a beach town during the winter is boring. Well, to some degree they may be correct BUT there are plenty of things to do now that Covid restrictions are somewhat lifted. This Saturday, I will be going on a double date to the House of Hatchets. I believe it…

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